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The home for open-sourceenterprise software.

We believe that open-source enterprise software should remain with the community and should not be controlled by a single corporation. The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation pledges to uphold this for all member projects.

Enterprise Linux, the community way.

Rocky Linux is an open-source enterprise operating system designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. It is under intensive development by the community.

“Thinking back to early CentOS days... My cofounder was Rocky McGaugh. He is no longer with us, so as a H/T to him, who never got to see the success that CentOS came to be, I introduce to you...Rocky Linux.”

Gregory Kurtzer
Gregory Kurtzer, Founder
Rocky Linux Workstation user interface

Cloud-native build system for Linux.

Named after the Gemstone, Peridot is a cloud-native build and release tool used for building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks.

Peridot user interface