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The home for open-source enterprise software

The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation's vision is to create and nurture a community of individuals and organizations that are committed to ensuring that longevity, stewardship, and innovation of enterprise grade/class open-source software that is always freely available.

We invite all individuals and organizations who believe in this vision to stand with us and be a part of the Foundation and Projects.

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Google Cloud
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Community Responsibility

Here for the benefit of the commuity. We will never be driven, motivated, or manipulated by profit or monetary gain.

Free, Open-Source, and Reproducible

Everything we do is intended to be freely available and open-source and will leverage only OSI approved permissive, non-copyleft open-source software licenses for our Projects.


We will build, host, and "adopt" open-source Projects which are of value to the enterprise community and/or other Foundation projects.


We will remain transparent to the community as defined by our bylaws and bound by our data security policy.