Join the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF)

Be in the know and have a say

You get to take part in leadership decisions and presentations on what is happening, see what is on the horizon, be aware of new things that are coming with other Projects, and have a formal voice with the RESF.

Choose your role

Have a direct path to become a Team Lead/Deputy, Officer, Project Board Member, RESF Board Member, or a Board Chair. Every level of the organization is available to Members.

Bragging rights

You can put on your resume, CV, or LinkedIn that you are part of one of the fastest growing initiatives that most large organizations worldwide are aware of.


You will have access to specific Membership swag (stickers, T-shirts, hats, etc.)


You will be invited to take part in conferences, user groups, and meetups to represent the RESF and Projects officially to the greater community.

Steps to become a member

  1. Get on IRC or Mattermost ( and/or our Discourse forum (
  2. Participate in discussions in channels that interest you.
  3. Become an active contributor to a Project or Project Team by interacting and helping others.
  4. Complete an application form for the Project or Project Team.
  5. The Project Board will review the application and either approve or disapprove the application based on a majority vote of the Project Board.