Who is on the board of directors?

Unlike many open source foundations, the RESF does not believe in “selling” board seats or votes. All Board Members deserve to be there based on merit, elected by their peers within the community, not who can afford the largest donation.

As of the current board of director elections, the RESF is composed of 2 RESF Members, 1 RESF Officer (TBD), 3 Independents, and 5 Project Representatives:

  • Louis Abel (RESF)
  • Benjamin Agner (INDEPENDENT)
  • Christopher DiBona (INDEPENDENT)
  • Mustafa Gezen (PERIDOT)
  • Taylor Goodwill (ROCKY LINUX)
  • Neil Hanlon (ROCKY LINUX)
  • Gregory Kurtzer (RESF)
  • Sherif Nagy (ROCKY LINUX)
  • Christopher "Stack" Stackpole (ROCKY LINUX)
  • Mark Watson (INDEPENDENT)

note: CIQ is most represented on this board, and per our bylaws, quorum can not be reached with greater than 1/3rd of the Members being from a single company, CIQ is less then that.