Why would a company want to put their open source projects into the RESF?

Open source is not a marketing gimmick or hype generating tool, it is a collaborative and effective development model that inherently builds longevity, stability, transparency, trust, and community behind an idea or development initiative. But when open source projects are controlled behind the locked doors of executive offices and boardrooms, the decisions are always in the fiduciary interest of the company, not the open source Community; at times these decisions align but many times, they do not.

The fix is for organizations to free these open source projects to community foundations.

The RESF was designed specifically to align the values and benefits of true open source collaborative development with the needs of corporate vendors and professional IT teams. This is the model behind Rocky Linux and one of the major reasons it is so successful today; from commercial support and value adds, to a number of large organizations as commercial sponsors and partners all working together to ensure the long term success of critical open source projects.

The RESF is open to working with more open source projects and organizations to enable growth, community alignment, leadership, organization, experience, and support.