Why is it more difficult to become a member of the RESF than other open source foundations?

Membership provides a critical role to the Foundation, the right to vote for board members and become Project or Foundation leaders. Because we strive to be a meritocracy, it is most important for everyone voting to understand clearly what is needed for the benefit of the organization, Projects, and teams and thus the community. Also, it is important to ensure that elections are fair and always in the best interest of the general public and community.

Becoming a member isn’t difficult, but it does require being an active contributor to the Foundation and/or one or more Project Teams.

If you aren’t currently active on any Project Teams, but you want to be, please reach out to any of the Project Team leads, Team Deputies, or existing Members (privately if you wish). Our culture, encouraged by our principles and bylaws, provides value to all existing Members who mentor others by making them eligible for board elections, so reach out to them and make yourself available to be part of the team!

We want everyone to feel welcome and be part of the RESF and all Projects!