How does someone become a member of the RESF?

Becoming a member to the RESF is equivalent to being a member of any Project or Project Team within the RESF. All members are absolutely equal and everybody is welcome; from core developers to non-techies who want to participate in RESF Projects.

Becoming a member to a Project or Project Team is simply a matter of being active in that Project and applying. You don’t need technical experience to do this. There are many ways to be active in a Project, from code contributions, to supporting and helping others, to documentation, to organization, advocating, evangelizing, community, etc. The application will be reviewed by the Project Board to make sure that the applicant is indeed an active participant to the Project.

The logical steps are:

  1. Get on IRC or Mattermost ( and/or our Discourse forum (
  2. Participate in discussions in channels that interest you
  3. Become an active contributor to a Project or Project Team by interacting and helping others
  4. Complete an application form for the Project or Project Team
  5. The Project Board will review the application and either approve or disapprove the application based on a majority vote of the Project Board
  6. The process is designed to be inclusive to everyone who wants to join the RESF and/or RESF Projects and will always be based solely on merit and merit alone. If you are not currently an active member but want to be, other members will work to bring you up to speed and mentor you so you can become an active member and be eligible for Membership.

    But while everyone is welcome to be a Member, Members who are no longer active will be removed via the terms of the bylaws.