Why would other Projects want to join the RESF?

There are numerous reasons why open source projects would benefit by being part of the RESF, here are a few for consideration:

  1. The RESF provides a neutral ground for open source projects to be managed in a way that will guarantee transparency, commitment, and fairness to help build and sustain a community around the project.
  2. The RESF has resources available to open source projects and infrastructure that is available to benefit from an economy of scale. These include legals, Mattermost chat infrastructure, Google email/docs/calendaring, wikis, Git/project hosting, email lists, etc.
  3. The RESF strives for sustainability of open source projects, and to do that, there must be a combination of community management balanced with sponsor and partner commercialization and a commitment to “return the wealth” back into the open source community for the Project.
  4. Open source projects benefit from collaboration and support from other open source communities, and the RESF provides a fantastic collaboration point for various Projects and communities.
  5. The RESF is well funded by companies and sponsors and we can help open source projects build and host the resources they need to be successful.
  6. Every Project gets a voice within the Foundation. We have a logical structure such that every Project will have a Project Board, and each Project Board will have a seat on the Foundation Board. Complete transparency and balance across every Project and Team.