How does this prevent what happened with CentOS from happening again with the RESF and Rocky Linux?

First, to mention the obvious, CentOS Linux has been amazing to millions of people and organizations around the world, and we strive to be as purposeful to the world as CentOS has been. Many of our goals are modeled exactly from what made CentOS so amazing, but that doesn’t mean that some things couldn’t be improved, and that is where we really focused…

We are ensuring the long term success of Rocky Linux and the RESF by guaranteeing:

  1. Accountability: State what we are going to do and be accountable for doing it
  2. Community: The organizational structure is built around checks and balances always ensuring the community’s benefit
  3. Corporate Balance: Absolute transparency including checks and balances between community and corporations
  4. Inclusion: Make sure that everyone who wants to be involved, can be involved
  5. Growth: Projects with many members and voices tend to be more stable and longer lasting

In short, under our bylaws, it is impossible for any single company or individual (including Kurtzer) to hijack or hold any of the RESF Project(s) hostage. But this is only one facet of what these bylaws do and we believe that now the RESF and all hosted Projects provide what individuals, organizations, and enterprises need to rely on for decades to come.