If you don't sell board seats for membership dues, how will the Projects be funded?

The RESF believes in merit based control and ensuring that all Projects are led by the best individuals for that role. All Board seats should be held by the individuals who know the needs of the Foundation and Projects best. Selling Board seats not only risks misalignment with the community, but it also alienates the people who contribute to the Project as a labor of love.

Funding of the RESF is provided by both RESF Sponsors as well as individual donations. These funds will be used according to the discretion of the RESF Board of directors and can be designated for things like legal expenses, hosting, physical hardware, tokens, and on occasion, compensation of contribution activity.

While the RESF does not sell any Board seats, we will however, grant a single advisory seat for each Tier1 Principal Sponsor. The advisory committees do not hold controlling or director positions within the RESF or Projects; they exist to provide guidance and collaboration.

Organizations interested in becoming a sponsor and learning about the multiple benefits of RESF sponsorship should contact sponsor@resf.org.