Does Rocky Linux or the RESF belong to CIQ?

No. The RESF nor the Projects are beholden to any single company.

CIQ has been and continues to be a massive enabler for Rocky Linux and the RESF since its inception, but we made a decision early on that successful open source projects should not be subject or hostage to corporate control. What makes a successful open source project isn’t having a single individual behind it, nor is it having a massive company behind it, rather it is having many individuals and many companies all behind and managing it collectively, which has been our goal from day one.

But because of CIQ’s involvement, support, and help creating Rocky Linux (and the RESF), we do recognize CIQ as being the founding and primary corporate backer to Rocky Linux. We are very grateful to CIQ and happy they are providing commercial value-adds to the community, but this doesn’t mean that CIQ has any special control or access over Rocky Linux or the RESF. CIQ does not directly control any decisions, Boards, resources, secure keys, boot shims, or infrastructure, that is all 100% within the community. Even if CIQ doubles, triples, or more their support for Rocky Linux, the control structure for Rocky Linux won’t change, and it is always going to stay in the community (see board structure below regarding corporate limitations).

CIQ has agreed to contribute to a project that they don’t control and they are happy to follow and have faith in the community to lead the RESF and Rocky Linux. This sort of a relationship for a company to take with an open community is very exciting and supportive for everyone. We hope that more companies follow the lead of CIQ.