Why should I become an RESF member?

Members are recognized contributors to the Foundation and/or Projects. Being a Member means that you are an active participant to one or more RESF Projects which provides you the opportunity to take part in leadership decisions and presentations on what is happening, see what is on the horizon, be aware of new things that are coming with other Projects, and have a formal voice with the RESF.

Additionally, every member has a direct path to become a Team Lead/Deputy, Officer, Project Board Member, RESF Board Member, or a Board Chair. Every level of the organization becomes available to Members, and all Members influence all decisions such as who gets what roles within the Foundation and Projects.

Becoming a member is something that you can legitimately put on your resume, CV, or LinkedIn that you are part of one of the fastest growing initiatives that most large organizations worldwide are aware of. You will have access to specific Membership swag (stickers, T-shirts, hats, etc.) and you will be invited to take part in conferences, user groups, and meetups to represent the RESF and Rocky Linux officially to the greater community.